So this is me and my best friend Megan (twistedtorture)She turns 15 today. I love her to bits, like wow, how perfect can you get. I’m so lucky to have her man, I mean she’s a sassy bitch, but she’s more then that. She’s beautiful and she’s funny and she’s intelligent and she’s kind (when she wants to be) and she can almost always bum you out, and shes the only person who can calm me down almost instantly and yeah. I love how our friendship started from a stupid human centipede joke and now it consists of teasing each other over who we like, making sex jokes and like, cuddling. She deserves so much more then she gets, and I hate that she doesnt see that, but I hope things will get better for her soon. Happy birthday Megan, I love you 666716977eva <3

If you’re feeling lovely you can send her a birthday message by clicking here. 

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